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In a Desert Dream

Photographer: Jim Mangum (from Texas)

“Taken at Zion National Park in Southern Utah, an incredibly magical place where every bend in the road provides a new surreal vista. This photo was taken near the entrance to the park. I edited it with GIMP and mainly use the “hue” feature to get the colors I wanted. As you’ve probably noticed, I’m BIG into color. I’m a folk artist/saintmaker who paints in vividly bright hues and often try to get that effect with my photography.

I mentioned above that I’m a folk artist/saintmaker (website below). I love photography, but consider myself more of a folk artist photographer. By that I mean I’m not a purist and my camera is just another tool in my proverbial artist box. Now that I have Photoshop, I’ve mined through hundreds of my old photos and found many that were not techinally great (usually a little out of focus…or shot hurriedly without thought to composition). With Photoshop, many of those photos have turned into very nice works of art.”

Camera: Nikon 7000

Lens: Nikon 18-55mm

Focal Length: 18

Exposure Time: 1/160

You can find more of Jim’s photographs and art HERE and HERE.


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